Student Voice


The Student Voice provides the opportunity for any student to be involved in school life, to develop leadership skills and to contribute to the school community.

Although students are elected by their year level to represent them on the council, students who are keen to get involved are co-opted to be on the Student Voice as well.

Key student leaders meet with the Principal on a regular basis as a means of keeping both parties aware of issues and developments.

Students hold office on the council, giving them the opportunity to develop skills in:

  • running meetings
  • publicity
  • organisation of events (e.g. whole school assemblies, charity and fund raising)
  • representing their peers on issues which involve students
  • representing their school and sitting on school committees
  • consulting on issues such as uniform, development of student areas and school policies which impact on students
  • Students are given training to develop their own calendar of events for the year. In the past students have chosen to support: Students are committed to raising funds for the 40-Hour Famine, with the view to continue this support.

Students also take up issues presented by students and plan appropriate action, such as discussion with members of the administration or present them to the Governing Council. In the past the Student Voice has provided amenities for the students such as drinking fountains and seating.