School Zone

What is a school zone?

A school zone is a defined area surrounding a school from which the school accepts its core intake of students. School zoning is one way schools can manage enrolment pressure. Acceptance into a particular school, which falls outside of your designated zone, is subject to the school’s capacity of which the principal of the school will be able to advise you if they have available places.

The Underdale High School zone is represented by the green shaded area on the map above. We invite you to visit the school if you are interested in enrolling your child at Underdale High School.  Please contact the school on 8301 8000 to book a Principal’s tours.  

Follow the link to find out more about how school zoning works: School Zones

Special Entry
Special entry into the school for out of zone students is done through the Football Academy via its application and trial process.

International Student Enrolments is another means of special entry into the school.  This however must be done through the Department, more information about this process can be found on their website.

Unsuccessful applications
Students who do not gain a place at their preferred school still have a guaranteed place at their zoned high school. They will receive an acceptance pack from their zoned high school including:

  • a letter of welcome
  • notice of year 8 enrolment
  • a year 8 enrolment review form

The student acceptance pack includes information about the enrolment review process and timelines. You can only seek a review if there is additional information that was not provided in the original application which should be considered.

Automatic Entry for non-local students and Sibling Rights
Some non-local students may be eligible for automatic entry during the registration process. Some examples are:

  • children who identify as Aboriginal and are eligible for a department program (eg Enter for success)
  • children selected by the school to participate in an approved special interest program
  • children with an older sibling at the school at the same time, except for siblings who entered through a selective special interest programs
  • Children enrolled by the principal because of a special consideration, such as children in care with a custody or guardianship order. 
  • Siblings already in a selective special interest program in high school

From 2020 onwards there will not be automatic entry for children whose siblings were chosen by the school to be in a selective special interest program. Non-local students applying can have automatic entry if:

their sibling started at the high school before the 2020 school year

the child applies through the department’s state-wide high school transition process

the child and the sibling will attend the school at the same time

the school has not restricted non-local siblings with a capacity management plan. 

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