School Automotive program was first established in 1980 as a subject with an Engineering emphasis integrating Science and Numeracy using an automotive systems approach.

Our courses operate through the $1.5 million automotive industrial complex situated on our school site. The facilities were developed with industry in mind to give students an opportunity to experience a work environment. The school has a relationship with CMI Toyota and continues to developed links with the broader Automotive Industry which provides students with multiple opportunities. Students have opportunity for apprenticeships, both school based or full time from a range of providers if they want to take their automotive experience further.

The desire to make automotive students understand the significance of developing interdisciplinary skills that are necessary in supporting them in any future pathway of their choice.

The aim of the automotive program is to expose students to specific automotive topics with the intent of developing the following –

  • Mechanical Language and ability to refer to automotive literature

  • Specific knowledge and understanding of automotive principles

  • Ability to use a range of general and specialised tools

  • Investigate mechanical systems and detect faults and determine causes

  • To problem solve using logical critical thinking

  • Use acceptable workshop practices following current OHS&W regulations

Middle School Automotive Program (Year 10)
The Middle School program introduces students to small engine systems and allows them to experience a range of automotive topics through a series of fun but
challenging practicals. The theoretical components are integrated and support the student when doing the practical tasks.

Senior School Automotive Program (Year 11 and 12)
Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation AUR20716
(Years 11 and 12)

The MTA Group Training Scheme Inc. RTO 2293  


The senior courses operate through the $1.5 million industrial complex at Underdale High School. The course provides opportunities to develop skills in a range of Automotive Vocational Pathways. The programs are a mixture of theoretical and practical components, with an emphasis on practical skill development. This is a 2 year course with Year 1 being undertaken in Year 11 and Year 2 in Year 12. 

In addition the school has developed links with a number of automotive dealerships and provides students with the oppotunity to participate in work placement within the Automotive Industry.