SACE Requirements


What is the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE)?
The SACE is internationally recognised, and is the main way South Australian students get into TAFE and university courses in South Australia, interstate and overseas.

Studying the SACE helps you develop communication, decision-making skills, analysis, evaluation, and project planning. These skills will help set you up for success in further study and the workplace.

You can tailor the SACE to suit your needs and aspirations. You can choose to study from a wide range of SACE subjects, or a combination of SACE subjects and Vocational Education and Training (VET) options. There may be other courses you are studying outside of school that could also count towards your SACE.

To gain the SACE, students generally complete two years of full-time study plus some work in Year 10 (PLP).

There are two stages:
• Stage 1, which students mostly do in Year 11
• Stage 2, which students mostly do in Year 12