Student Laptop Requirements


All students must have an Underdale High School ICT Services approved laptop to use on a daily basis at school. The school will provide students with Microsoft Office 365, including 1TB of cloud storage. This removes the need for parents/caregivers to purchase Microsoft Office.


In order to ensure that student learning devices are compatible with the school ICT environment and intended learning outcomes, we have adopted a “School Recommended Device” (SRD) program. The school strongly recommends that parents purchase one of our SRD via our online purchase portal, which is provided by a third-party vendor, Learning With Technologies. The three different devices available via our online purchasing portal have been carefully selected by the school ICT Services department for their compatibility with our entire ICT Services environment and intended learning outcomes.

In addition to the above, purchase of a SRD through Learning with Technologies offers several key advantages over purchasing a device directly from another vendor:

  • Repair, Warranty and Insurance claims
    Insurance must be purchased through LWT at time of device purchase. Parents/Caregivers with device(s) purchased via our online portal can log repair, warranty or insurance jobs online, via email or phone.
  • Online tracking of quotes, orders, shipping and warranty claims via your LWT user account, created at the time of device purchase.
  • Onsite Repair
    Learning With Technologies supply their own onsite technicians for repair and warranty cases, meaning their trained device technicians come out to the school to carry out repairs if requested. This means no additional courier or freight costs for parents when dealing with a warranty or repair issue.


If you do not wish to purchase one of the SRD’s it is acceptable to source a device from your preferred vendor. However, it is vital that parents keep in mind the following requirements and technical support limitations when considering a Non-School Recommended Device

  • The device must meet the school ICT Services minimum hardware and software requirements for it to be approved for use.
  • ICT Services will only be able to provide limited technical support for the device.


Devices running the following Operating Systems are NOT supported, and CANNOT be used at this school:

  • Windows 10 or 11 running in ‘S-Mode’:
    Windows 10 or 11 running in ‘S-Mode’ will NOT allow ICT Services to install required software necessary for your child to use their laptop at school. Please ensure that when purchasing a laptop running Windows 10 or 11, you confirm with the seller it is NOT running Windows 10 or 11 in ‘S-Mode’. If they confirm it is, but “can be easily changed” – Please do not purchase the device from them unless you are willing to change it out of ‘S-Mode’ yourself before it is brought to the school for first use by your child. It is not the school’s responsibility to change the device out of ‘S-Mode’ for you after purchase.
    All other versions of Windows 10 and 11, such as ‘Home’ and ‘Pro’ are fully supported and approved for use.
  • Android (i.e. Galaxy Tablets)
  • iOS or iPadOS (iPads)
  • ChromeOS (Chromebooks)
  • Linux – Linux, of any distribution type, i.e. Manjaro, Linux Mint,
    Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, etc., is NOT supported.


Operating Systems:

  • Windows 10 or 11 (Except ‘S-Mode’ – See “Unsupported Devices and Operating Systems” above.
  • MacOS – Whilst MacOS is supported, the built in web browser ‘Safari’, has known compatibility issues with the school’s Learning Management System ‘Daymap’. Students will need to download and install another web browser, such as Google Chrome, before they start school, in order to access Daymap.

The minimum hardware and software requirements for a device to be ICT Service approved are as follows:
Battery Life: 8 hours or greater to allow for a full school day. The battery should have a full three-year warranty, or can easily have its battery changed/replaced to ensure all-day computing is still possible in the future.
Weight and portability: This needs to be appropriate for the user and also able to be carried in a school bag or laptop bag.
Screen size: Most devices are advised to be 10 – 13” and anything smaller than this can impact on eye fatigue if using the device for prolonged periods of time.
Storage: This will depend on the type of files students will be storing. Most devices come with adequate hard drive space. Cloud storage is also an option, but not all Cloud storage solutions are accessible at the College.
Memory: Most devices have a minimum of 4GB of RAM. Students wishing to use more advanced software programs should consider 8GB of RAM or greater.
Wi-Fi: Dual band capability. With many connections to the College network, less interference will be more advantageous with a 5GHz wireless option.


Parents considering purchase of a non-“School Recommended Device” must also be aware that this will affect the ability of school ICT Services to provide technical support.

  • Non-”School Recommended Devices” will receive very limited technical support e.g. generally only connection to the School wireless system.
  • All hardware and non-school issued software troubleshooting will need to be resolved by yourself and the company you purchased the device or software from.
  • Parents purchasing non-“School Recommended Devices” will be required to contact their computer supplier/manufacturer directly themselves for all hardware and software warranty claims or repairs.
    This may involve lengthy phone calls with the vendor and/or manufacturer to log the support case, as well as additional costs for shipping/couriers and/or travel to service centres.


  • Carrying out physical repairs to any device.
  • The repair, recovery or re-installation of any software or operating system not supplied by the school.
  • The backing up or recovery of any data stored on the device.
  • Contacting a third-party vendor if your non-SRD device has a hardware fault, or a software fault not related to a school provided piece of software.

If you have any queries about purchasing your child’s laptop for school please contact our ICT department 8301 8000, who will guide you through the process.