Football Academy Uniform


Please be aware that only students accepted into the Football Academy are permitted to wear the Football Academy uniform.

Underdale High School Football Academy takes great pride in its student’s and as such it is expected that each student will attend their classes and events in the appropriate attire.  As each item is customised to our academy we place orders twice yearly.  We appreciate your support and compliance with following our ordering process.

Orders are placed twice per year at the following times:

  • The first Friday of December, the year prior to starting.  This ensure students have their uniform ready on the first day of the school year.
  • The first Friday of Term 2 each year.  This enables families to purchase the winter items and any additional items to see them through the winter months and until the end of the school year.


  • Please follow the process below to order your academy uniform. You will be asked to attach a copy of your receipt prior to submitting your order, please ensure you save a copy of your receipt when you make your payment.
  • Uniform is not stored on site, but are ordered through an independent supplier who will manufacture uniform as orders are placed.  This means there will be a turn around time of at least two weeks for orders to come through to you.
  • It is essential that payment is made in full or your order will not be placed. 
  • Once your payment has been made via the BPoint payment method, it is essential you save a copy of this receipt and attach it on the final step prior to submitting your order.


Football Academy Uniform
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Student Details

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Order Form

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Complete Uniform Pack Size Selections

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Basic Uniform Pack Size Selections

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Individual Items Order

Please make your selections below for ordering individual items, be sure to select the quantity of each item you would like and the size.

It is ESSENTIAL you return to this page once PAYMENT is COMPLETE!

Order Payment Process:

  1. Proceed to the BPoint Payment link below. Please use 'FA Uniform' as the Payment Description.

  2. Once payment is complete save a copy of your receipt and return to this page.

  3. Attach your receipt below and complete your order by clicking the 'Submit Form' button.

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