Does your child need a Uniform Fitting?

2021 Back to School Orders

In December 2020 and January 2021 Devon Clothing store is open by appointment only. You are able to book an appointment online for a Uniform Fitting for your child or children. To book your appointment go to, you will receive an email to confirm your Uniform Fitting time.

Please note:  There will be pre-Christmas Specials not available from January, so book earlier to take advantage of the savings.


Year 7 – 8 Transition

Parents will be invited to attend Underdale High School for a “Meet & Greet” Acquaintance Evening on Monday 2 November 2020, where you will be able to view the schools uniform.

If families place an online order on or before Monday 2 November 2020, these will arrive ready for collection from the school on Transition Day, 24 November 2020.  Delivery to the school is free of charge and not available during the months of December and January.

Alternatively, head down to the Devon Shop, 84 Daws Road, Edwardstown any time during the month of November to purchase uniform items before the Christmas rush.


Due to current circumstances, and the introduction of social distancing procedures in schools, the following changes to business operations at the Uniform Shop will be implemented:

  • Onsite School Stores
    • All stores will close trading to the parent / school community
    • All schools have online portals available so parents can continue to order their uniform needs and have these delivered free of freight in the local Adelaide and Adelaide Hills area, until 10 May.
  • Online Ordering
    • Free freight in the local Adelaide and Adelaide Hills area, until 10 May.
    • From 11 May, parents/caregivers will have 3 options available to them for orders placed online:
      • Deliver to school front office, allow 7 business days (NO delivery fee)
        Not available in the months of December 2020 or January 2021
      • Collect from Edwardstown, 84 Daws Road, allow 3 business days (NO delivery fee)
      • Deliver to personal address, allow 5 business days (delivery fee $9.95 orders under $200 and NO delivery fee for orders over $200)

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