Sports Day Programme 25th February 2020

Considerations for Weather Conditions

 Whilst our annual Sports Day is one of the most anticipated events on our calendar, we must keep the Health and Safety of our students and staff our ultimate consideration. The following are the arrangements in place considering weather conditions for our annual Sport Days.


If at 7:00am on the day before the scheduled Sports Day, the Bureau of Meteorology predicts the temperature on Tuesday is going to be:


  • 33 degrees Celsius or lower, there will be no changes to Sports Day arrangements.
  • 34, 35 or 36 degrees Celsius, Sports Day will go ahead with a restricted program, and students will be dismissed from SANTOS Stadium at 1:30pm. All students are expected to have left the venue by 1:45pm. Parents are asked to make arrangements with this dismissal time in mind. For those students who have paid to catch the bus to SANTOS stadium in the morning, the bus will transport them back to school at 1:30pm, arriving back at school approximately 2:00pm for dismissal. If parents need for their child to be supervised at school, they need to register their name with reception. The bus will shuttle any extra students back to school.
  • 37 degrees Celsius or higher, Sports Day will be cancelled and the regular Tuesday program of lessons will run at school.


Whichever of these scenarios eventuate, students are expected to attend.


I apologise for any inconvenience this will undoubtedly cause some people, but the Health and Safety of our students and staff has got to be our primary concern.


Please contact me via email if you wish to discuss the implications this may have for your child.


Yours Sincerely

David Harriss

Principal - Underdale High School

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