My daughter Elen Watson, is currently in Year 8 at UHS. She attended East Adelaide Primary School. Elen was attracted to the UHS Football Academy Program initially as she is an avid footballer and was keen to learn as much as possible about what career paths might be available to her whilst still maintaining her passion for football (soccer).
After attending the Principals tour of the school a few things really stood out for me; firstly was how neat, clean and well cared for the school grounds and classrooms were and even the children were well groomed; secondly the friendly disposition of the Principal, the teachers and the students we met along the way and the most impressive of all was the general “good vibe” I got throughout the day. This school didn’t strike me as being a place where children were forced to go to; rather it seemed that the children who came here genuinely liked their school.
I was so impressed not only did I enrol Elen, I decided to nominate for a role on the Governing Council also. I am now proud to be the Deputy Chairperson and look forward to every meeting, newsletter and emails which update me with school news and events. Governing council consists of fellow parents, teachers, members of the local community and local government, representatives from Student Voice and last, but never least, the School Principal, David Harris.
Elen has learnt, grown and developed so much in this first year of high school; academically, socially and as a football player. She has participated in sports days, swimming carnivals, indoor and outdoor football tournaments. She has become an active member of Student Voice and as a proud ambassador of her new school she has attended information evenings and interschool programmes and activities. Most encouraging of all her academic progress has been steady and her grades consistent across all subjects, which I believe is due to the support she receives in all areas of the curriculum.
I recommend Underdale High School to any parent considering their child’s options for education; it is big enough to have a broad range of facilities and curriculum options, yet small enough to make the transition year for my daughter smooth and well supported. It is so refreshing to know that the students here are not just numbers or faces in the crowd, the teachers here know who their students are and genuinely look out for their best interests. This is a school where the Principal, teachers and auxiliary staff, parents and the broader community have a genuine passion for the work they do and the education outcomes of their students.

Yours Sincerely

Cheryl Yeend

We were attracted to Underdale HS by the The Football Academy. We toured many schools when contemplating our High School options and things like class sizes and support for the students from the teaching staff were top of our agenda. Underdale certainly has these in spades and to as high a standard as any other school we toured or considered. One look at the football academy and one discussion with the director of the program and we were sold and any thought of going anywhere else was forgotten. We came to the Underdale community from out of Zone and the shared interest in Football has made the transition to High School and the development of friendships easier than we could have hoped.  Our sons are passionate about the world game and to be able to study football as a subject and share that passion with like-minded students has been great for them both. We have been very happy with our sons’ teachers and the standard of education.

Hilary and Paul Disley

(Sons: Alexander & Nathaniel Disley)


Underdale High School is a supportive and engaging learning environment for my daughter. The Football Academy offers students the opportunity, to not only improve their football skills, but to develop their knowledge of the game and the fitness components needed to be a successful athlete. The school caters for students by recognising individual needs and differentiating learning based on teacher observations, student feedback and assessment data. The school’s cultural diversity is inclusive and encourages students to develop getting along skills, resilience and confidence. Every student in the school is guided and supported to be successful by both teachers and leadership.

Natalie Brook

(Daughter: Madeline Caldow)

We live "out of zone" for Underdale High School but chose it for our son because We heard about the excellent Football Academy & felt it would help support our sport-oriented son in his education, The curriculum also offers German/Japanese/Greek languages and excellent Science & Technology programmes among others, Underdale High School is very culturally diverse and is not a large school so we felt our child would not be 'lost in the crowd', We are happy with our choice as we see how much is invested in the students well-being and needs. Our Son is now in year 9 and is very happy in the Underdale Community and he is also a representative in the "Student Voice".

Jennifer O'Shea

Andrew Wunderer

(Son Ciaran Wunderer)

26th March 2017

To the Staff of Underdale High School,

I would like to thank the staff for the work that went into organising and facilitating last week’s sports day. As a parent of a year 8 student, whose first interests are not sport, I thought this sports day was an excellent opportunity for her to see fellow students excel, strive and at least participate.

I thought the tone of the event was fantastic, I saw students congratulate each other for their effort even when they didn’t win. Students encouraged each other to ‘give it a go’ and I witnessed one student coming last in the 200m stop running but then give herself a shrug and put in everything she had left, to finish as fast as she could!

I would like the staff to know that this event will support us to develop our (daughter’s) relationships in her learning and provides a visceral experience of what it means to strive. We can talk about the courage it takes to step out of our known limits and ‘give it a go’ no matter the outcome.

Thank you for your past effort to develop a culture in our school that has made this multicultural, collaborative event possible.


Ralf Matters

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