By way of introduction let me provide you a brief summary about Underdale High School and what is important to us. Hopefully this will gain your interest to look further at certain areas of our website.

Underdale High School is located between the city and the beach with an enviably close proximity to both. Underdale High School is 5 km west of the Adelaide City Centre and the surrounding parklands and less than 2 km from the Adelaide International Airport. A further 10 km is the sea and some of Adelaide’s best sandy white beaches.


Underdale High School is proud of its tradition of academic achievement and its support of the social and emotional development of young people. The school opened in 1965 and currently has approximately 500 students. The school has become a popular school of choice both locally and internationally.
At Underdale High School we have high expectations and standards of student learning, work quality, punctuality, attendance, behaviour and uniform. Students learn to become responsible in their learning and behaviour is modelled on restorative principles.


The opportunities for a seamless provision of quality teaching, learning and support for children and young people are limitless.


I warmly welcome you to the school and encourage you to contact us regarding any questions or queries.



David Harriss