Our school has built a well deserved reputation as a school committed to meeting the needs of individual students. Our teachers support and guide students through a wide range of learning experiences and challenges. Underdale’s students are the strongest advocates of our school commenting positively about their learning, the support teachers provide and the relationships they form. Underdale’s Governing Council and parent community values and has confidence in the school’s programs, practices and high standards it upholds.
Our vision is to provide a personalised learning experience that engages students in a challenging and supportive environment to strive for excellence and bright futures. We are dedicated to working in partnership with our students and their families. It is our mission to provide a student centred curriculum and have high expectations within a supportive learning environment.
Please browse this site to find out more about what we offer. Be sure to take note of some of our specialist programs including our Football (Soccer) Academy and our comprehensive English as a Second language Program.